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MagellanHealth Privacy Policy

This notice tells you how we protect information gathered from our site visitors. Please review it very carefully. is a service of Magellan Health Services (Magellan). Please read the About Us section on this site for more information about Magellan Health Services.

Magellan is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our Web site. This privacy notification explains how we do this on our MagellanHealth Web site.

Magellan partners with four specialized vendors to provide some of the Internet content and services you may find on our site. The Magellan services your benefit plan offers control which of our partners' content or services you may see.

  • Work|Life Benefits of Lakewood, California is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Accor Corporation. Work|Life Benefits also partners with us to offer web-enabled work-life features and tools. These can help manage and balance work and personal life more effectively.
  • CLC, Inc. of Roseville, California partners with us to offer legal and financial consultation and information.
  • Gold Standard of Tampa, FL, is a leading developer of drug information databases, software, and clinical information solutions. We partner with them to provide medication information and tools written by pharmacists.

When you register on our site we will only share registration information with a partner if your organization contracts for services from that partner and you link to their site. This allows us to provide you secure access to their sites. The Information We May Collect section of this notification will tell you more about the type of information we collect and share.

The information on is for general informational purposes only. This information should not take the place of getting professional help from a qualified professional. By putting this general information on our site, Magellan is not engaging in giving any legal, medical, or other professional services.

We will periodically change and update the information on this site. We review all content on a quarterly basis. Therefore, some information on our site may be out of date at any given time.

Magellan cannot provide any guarantee with respect to the security of the computer system that you are using to access this web site.

Personal Information

When you visit and navigate our Web site, we only collect personal information if you provide us that information voluntarily. By personal information, we mean data that is unique to you, such as your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number. This information will help us properly arrange the content and services you see on our site. It will also help us manage your benefits and provide you better customer service. We may gather personal information from the areas of the site indicated below:

  • Registration process: year of birth and gender

    Providing year of birth and gender is optional. This information allows us to customize some content to your specific age and/or gender.

    The personal information you give us during registration is only used to give you access to the proper arrangement of If you choose not to register on our site your ability to access some functions or services may be limited.

  • Transactions with us: name, address, telephone number or other personal contact information, and eligibility information

    Only Magellan employees who need to view this information to complete your transaction with us can access this data. We do not share this information with our Web partners or anyone else.

  • Messages: e-mail address.

    During registration, we may ask for your e-mail address in order to better communicate with you. Providing your e-mail address is optional in most cases; however, an e-mail address may be required to participate in programs such as Weight Management and our Online Health Questionnaire, or if you would like for us to supply you with information about certain products or services.

    Maintaining your privacy is our top priority. We do not rent, sell or otherwise distribute your personal information outside of Magellan.

Log Files

Log files are pieces of information that let us know how people are accessing the Web site. Each time you go to a page in our Web site, our server shows this page on your computer. When the page displays we create a log file that tells us someone visited that page. We do not collect any information about you. Log files reside on our server and are not accessible by visitors.

We use log files to create aggregate reports of site activity. This means that we take the information about all our visitors and add it together to report on all pages of the site visited. We use this information to see what parts of our Web site receive the most attention and which areas do not. This aggregate information contains no personal identifiers. Therefore, we cannot connect it to you in any way. We do share the reports of aggregate usage of our site with our customers.

There is No Advertising on Our Site

Magellan does not accept any advertising on our Web site. Therefore, we do not collect any information from you for that purpose. is an independent site. We do not receive income from any sponsors or advertisers. In addition, we do not receive linking or click-through income from any Web sites to which we offer links.

When you register on our Web site you create a personal profile. Any time after you create a profile you can make changes to it. To make changes:

  1. Just login to our site.
  2. Go to the top navigation bar.
  3. Click on "Edit My Profile."

We do not share any personal information obtained through our Web site with your employer or health benefit provider.

In order for you to access the services on our partners' sites that your organization has contracted for, we may share the personal information you provide during registration. If necessary, this lets them know that you are eligible for services. It also lets them modify their programs to give you information specific to your age or gender.

We may also share your information with individuals and organizations in or outside of Magellan Health Services as required or allowed by federal and state law. Magellan complies with all applicable state and federal laws regarding the protection of your personal information.

To access certain services within our site we may ask for more personal information than you gave during registration. We share this information only with the Magellan staff or Magellan network provider(s) who will provide the service to you. For example, we may share personal information such as your name, personal mailing address, and benefit coverage information with a service provider (EAP or other provider) so that they may be able to provide that service to you.

This Web site takes careful safety measures to protect our users' information. When you login to the secure areas of MagellanHealth, your information is maintained in a secure and safe environment at Magellan. MagellanHealth Guest contains general information only. This part of the site does not send or receive personal or confidential information.

Our Web site sometimes requires passwords, identification numbers (IDs), and/or personal IDs. We use these to allow access to our information. We protect your user ID and passwords. Where necessary, we ask you to enter more than one ID to provide tighter security. We do not give this information to anyone other than our Web partners, as is appropriate.

Transfer of Data

Magellan uses a firewall to stop unwanted access to our internal network and information. A firewall is a system of software and/or hardware. It examines all messages we receive. It will block any message that does not meet the security criteria we put in place. We use secure methods such as https and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to pass these messages through the firewall to our internal systems.

Magellan limits the number of ports or doorways to our private information. We use several tools to watch these doorways. These tools help us identify and handle attacks or problems such as viruses, worms, DOS attacks, and Trojan horse programs.

Magellan's Web servers and databases receive annual security reviews. We also apply necessary updates or patches on a regular basis.

Encryption can be very helpful in protecting and securing data, but is only as effective as the security of YOUR browser. Browsers use different encryption methods or levels. MagellanAssist requires you to use a 128-bit encryption browser. You can check your browser encryption level by clicking "Help" in the menu bar.

You can download and install a FREE browser with 128-bit encryption, at the following sites:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

You can check whether or not a Web page is communicating on a secure channel by looking for the lock in the status bar. This bar is located at the bottom of the Web browser page. When you login to the secure areas of our Web site, look for the lock. If it is closed, security is active. The examples below show you what to look for.

Internet Explorer lock symbol in the lower right corner.

Secure Messaging

We handle all information and correspondence you share with us in the strictest confidence. When you send comments or questions to us using any e-mail address listed on our Web site, we share your message only with those Magellan employees most capable of answering your questions and concerns. We will retain your communication until we have done our best to provide a complete and satisfactory response. We then archive all messages received. We do not keep your e-mail address for any purpose other than responding to you.

Be aware that while your e-mail message is in transit to us, it is possible for other Internet users to access and view it, without your knowledge and permission. (This is true of most, if not all, non-encrypted Internet e-mail communications.) For that reason, to protect your privacy, please do not send e-mail to us with information that you consider personal or confidential even if the channel is secured. This would include any type of clinical information. For these types of questions you can call us with your Magellan toll-free number.


To use our secure and personalized Web site, your Web browser must accept cookies . A cookie is a tiny piece of information placed on your computer. There are different types of cookies. We use temporary cookies. These are stored in your browser's memory. Once you leave our Web site or close your browser, the cookie goes away. We do not store cookies on your computer after you close your browser.

We use cookies to recognize that you have logged into our Web site. There is no link between a cookie and any personally identifiable information about you. Rather, they identify your computer.

We also use cookies to help you keep your MagellanHealth session private. Once you log in, if there is no activity in your session for 30 minutes, we will end your session. This will help prevent anyone else from using your logged in session if you walk away from your computer or forget to log out.

You can change the setting of your browser to accept or reject cookies. Look in your browser's help file for instructions. If you reject cookies, you cannot access our secure Web site; however, you can still access our general audience Guest area.

Some of our partners also use cookies on their sites. However, we have no access to or control over these cookies.

We do not knowingly allow children under the age of 13 to register on our site. If a visitor enters a year of birth 13 years or less, we do not allow them to complete their registration. If you are under the age of 13, you should talk to your parents or guardians before registering. We also recommend, if you are under the age of 13, that you talk with your parents or guardian before filling out any information on our site and sending it to us.

Magellan's content review process begins with the submission of all proposed materials to our review board. This editorial board consists of two Clinical representatives and one Medical representative. Other members of the team include representatives from:

  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Member Services
  • Account Management
  • Member Communications
  • Security

Material for display on our site must meet an established set of standards. We do this in order to give you sound, accurate, and up-to-date information and tools.

This Web site contains links to other sites that we think may be useful or of interest to you. Although Magellan has taken steps to protect our Web site from others, we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices used by these sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they are leaving our site. Read the privacy statements of each and every Web site you visit to learn about how they protect your privacy. This privacy notification applies only to information collected by this Web site.

This Web Privacy Policy is effective as of July 5, 2001. Magellan may update this notification as we improve our ability to ensure your privacy. When updates are made we will post a notice on our Welcome page. It is not the purpose of this notification to create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.

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